Benefits of Getting a Heat Pump in Your Hyde Park Home

One of the best home comfort systems on the market today is the heat pump. A heat pump operates similar to a stand-alone air conditioner: it moves heat from one place and puts it in another. Indeed, a standard air conditioner is a kind of “heat pump,” but it only carries out its heat exchange one direction: it uses evaporation to absorb heat from inside your home and then, through condensation, release it outdoors. But a heat pump can switch this process: the indoor unit becomes a condenser; the outdoor unit becomes an evaporator. Presto! Heat now gets removes from the outdoors and brought into your home.

We often recommend heat pumps to our customers because of their many benefits. We’ll list some of the best reasons to invest in a heat pump installation in Hyde Park, NY. However, you should always have input from professional HVAC technicians when you are choosing a new system for your home to make sure you get the right unit at the right size to provide maximum comfort.

The Benefits of Having a Heat Pump

A heater and air conditioner in one: This is the biggest advantage of a heat pump. It solves two indoor temperature troubles at once, since it can operate as an air conditioner during the summer and a heater during the winter. Through the action of a second compressor and a reversing valve, your heat pump can change the direction that refrigerant moves through it—and moments later, you’ve gone from an AC to a heater, or vice versa.

Energy-efficient heating performance: Heat pumps run without the need to burn fuel such as gas, oil, or propane. They use electricity to operate, and since they only require the power necessary to move heat—not generate it—they don’t put a major drain on your electrical power. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that a family of four can save 30%-40% off their heating bills annually using a heat pump instead of another heating system.

Space saving: With a heat pump, you don’t need to have both an air conditioner and a heater installed in your home. This will save you a tremendous amount of space, and will also make it easier for the installers to size and fit your heater into an ideal location.

One caution about heat pumps: although they perform excellently as air conditioners no matter the weather, as heaters they can struggle with deep colds. However, there are hybrid systems that combine a heat pump with a backup system, and for people who expect extreme low temperatures, these are excellent solutions.

You will want professional HVAC technicians involved in your heat pump installation in Hyde Park, NY from the beginning: let experts like those at Smart Systems determine if a heat pump is right for you, pick a model, and then install it so you get the best year-round comfort. Smart Systems is here for all of your heating service needs in Hyde Park.

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