Benefits of Replacing Your Plumbing During Remodels

Here in Hyde Park, NY, kitchen remodeling is a common household project for many homeowners. It can raise the resale value of your home as well as providing new amenities and a greater sense of aesthetic pleasure for one of the most important parts of the house. If you have an older plumbing system, you might want to consider replacing it as a part of the remodeling. It offers a lot of potential advantages, and while it may add to the final price tag for your remodeling, the benefits could pay for themselves. What are the benefits of replacing your plumbing during remodels, you ask?

A few of the more common answers appear below:

  • Convenience. Replacing your plumbing is a big operation and could render your kitchen unusable while it’s going on. The same can be said of a broader kitchen remodeling. So why not combine them? It gets them out of the way that much quickly and the combined project means that you can take advantage of your new kitchen more rapidly. It also means you won’t have to tear up any of your new counters or cabinets later when trying to replace your pipes.
  • Aesthetics and Amenities. A kitchen remodel is the perfect time to add new amenities to your system, such as a tankless water heater or a water filtration system. In addition, your existing sink may not match the aesthetics of your new kitchen, meaning you’ll need to replace it with a new one. Folding that all in to a kitchen remodeling just makes all kinds of sense.
  • Reliability. Including the plumbing as part of a kitchen remodeling means that you’ll likely benefit from the same guarantees and warranties that involve your kitchen, as well as improving the overall value of your home even further.

For more benefits of replacing your plumbing during remodels, or to set up an installation to coincide with a remodeling, contact the experts at Smart Systems. We’ll work with your Hyde Park NY kitchen remodeling company and ensure that everything we do matches the quality and professionalism you’d expect from such an important operation.

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