Heating Options to Consider in Poughkeepsie

Another winter in upstate New York is headed our way. Before it arrives, you might want to think about your heating options. If you’re looking for an upgrade to an older heating system, you have many more choices to consider than you had only a decade ago. Getting proper heating in Poughkeepsie, NY is something to take seriously—and it shouldn’t be handled on your own. Get expert assistance when you make a choice. Smart Systems is available to make certain you end up with the heater that will perform the optimal job for you this winter.

Here are some heating options we think you should consider:

Radiant heat systems: Whether electric or hydronic, a radiant heat system installed in the floors or walls can give you a new and natural sense of warmth inside your home. Radiant heating is a great alternative to using ducts and forced air. Installing one of these systems requires a knowledgeable professional who will take into consideration your home’s layout for the best placement.

Hybrid heating: A standard furnace or heat pump alone might not be enough to keep your home cozy in an efficient manner. Hybrid systems offer the benefits of both, while reducing their drawbacks. A hybrid system will automatically switch between the heat pump and the furnace to use whichever one is the best for the moment. You’ll get the heat pump’s efficiency for lighter cold, and the furnace’s power for heavier cold.

A programmable thermostat: If you don’t want to replace the system you already have in your home, consider one of the ideal upgrades: a programmable digital thermostat. You’ll get precise control over your heating, allowing you to target a lower, comfortable temperature, and automate it so you never have to wake up to or come home to a cold house.

Smart Systems can update your thermostat and install a variety of radiant and hybrid systems. We also offer other options for optimal heating this season, and our technicians can identify the best ones for you. Smart Systems specializes in heating Poughkeepsie, NY—we’ll know exactly what your home needs for a comfortable and cozy environment, and we provide 24/7 emergency service. For your heating system needs, make the smart choice with Smart Systems.

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