Reasons You May Need a Generator Installed

Although emergencies such as flooding and snow storms have always posed problems to those living in New York State, our modern reliance on electricity to keep the many systems in our homes running means that power outages pose even more serious problems than they once did. Getting a whole-home generator or an automatic standby system to help you through power failures in Poughkeepsie is an option that you’ve probably seriously considered during the last few years. At Smart Systems, we understand your concerns. We offer the technical assistance you need to select the right generator, have it professionally installed in your home, and keep it running.

Why Schedule a Generator Installation in Poughkeepsie?

Because temperatures in Poughkeepsie can drop to incredibly uncomfortable lows during the winter, a generator can be more than just a comfort device or a way to keep your lights burning. It can protect your family and home. Consider all the appliances in your home that run off electricity. If you have an electric boiler or other heating system, it won’t operate during an outage. If there are people in your home who depend on powered medical devices for their health, a generator can be a life-saver. You need your refrigerator to keep your food from spoiling during times when you can’t reach a store. And even though the pipes in your home don’t run on electricity, they can suffer serious damage if the heat shuts off and they freeze up.

Installing a good, reliable generator will give you peace of mind in another way: many of them will switch on automatically when your house gets cut off from the power grid. This lets you focus on other problems aside from figuring out how to get your emergency power up and running.

With such a variety of brands and types of generators available, picking the one that fits the needs of your home isn’t something to try without expert advice. Contact Smart Systems today and schedule an appointment if you think a generator is a good option. We offer skilled generator installation in Poughkeepsie and throughout the Hudson Valley area. Our technicians will consider your house size and power needs to make sure that the generator they install will give you the best performance. And once we have your generator installed, you can rely on Smart Systems for any repairs or maintenance needed to keep it ready for the next time the power goes out.

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