The Benefits of Pursuing an Oil to Gas Conversion

Burning oil was once one of the most common methods of providing heat for homes and businesses. Furnaces and boilers often used oil to fuel their gas jets. Although some homes still use oil for their heating systems, people have increasingly started to switch over to alternate energy sources, such as natural gas.

If you still use oil to heat your home, we recommend you consider making the conversion to natural gas. There are a number of major benefits, which we’ll cover here. If you have more questions about the advantages of converting from oil to natural gas in Carmel, NY, and what it involves, contact our specialists at Smart Systems.

Oil-to-Natural gas—the benefits:

Increased efficiency: Oil does not burn as completely as gas does, which means there is more waste from using oil—and consequently higher energy bills. In 2011, the federal Energy Information Administration (EIA) reports that, on average, a U.S. household paid approximately $700 during a winter to heat a home using gas, while a household using oil paid approximately $2,500. Your oil-to-gas conversion could pay for itself in a mere one or two winters.

Convenience: Natural gas comes straight to your home through a pipeline, where oil you must to have delivered. With natural gas, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to schedule oil delivery and end up getting caught with an empty oil tank on one of the coldest days of the year.

Rebate: Although this isn’t universal, some utility companies offer a rebate as an incentive to make the switch from oil to gas. These rebates can be as high as $400—adding to the savings you’ll already receive from the increased efficiency.

Environmentally friendly: If you’re concerned about the environment, you should consider shifting to natural gas, which has fewer emissions than any other fossil fuel. It also provides a cleaner living environment. Oil releases soot and carbon directly into the air and can leave ash inside your home.

Get started with an oil-to-gas conversion today!

Although it sounds like a massive job to switch over to natural gas if you’ve used oil for so long, it isn’t as much of a hassle as it might sound—especially if you have experts taking care of the work.

Contact Smart Systems today if you think that going oil to gas in Carmel, NY is in your future.

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