The Importance of Air Conditioning Maintenance

While professional installation and taking care of any repair needs during the service life of your air conditioner are both critical to the integrity of your air conditioning, it’s not enough. For truly great performance, energy efficiency, and adequate system longevity, your AC will need to be routinely maintained by a qualified technician. During these preventive maintenance visits, your air conditioning system will be given detailed attention in order to catch any problems in development, as well as comprehensive cleaning. Call Smart Systems today for all of your Poughkeepsie air conditioning maintenance needs.

Inspection is one of the benefits of professional air conditioning maintenance. Your AC comprises a diverse array of components, including coils, compressor, valves, and various electrical control boards, and so on. Your system needs to be periodically checked to sustain performance levels. But the greatest benefit of inspection is probably that it allows a professional to see whether there are any problems in development. Whether you have some frost on your evaporator, your condenser coils are caked with debris, or your compressor is making a strange sound, a trained technician can adequately diagnose it and offer a solution before it gets out of hand.

Professional cleaning ensures that your system is free of dirt, dust, and other debris that can harm sensitive components, and inhibit the refrigerant cycle. Because the cycle relies on thermal absorption and dissipation to operate, any debris on the coils can make this process less effective, which can lead to hot spots in the home and warm air coming through the ductwork. That’s the last thing you want on a hot summer afternoon.

Depending on what type of system it is, your AC may also need system adjustments. During routine maintenance, your electrical voltage and refrigerant levels will be checked. As you well know, your AC requires electricity to operate, but it needs the right amount and a steady supply of it. Voltage issues can cause problems with performance as well as system damage. During installation, your AC was charged with a precise amount of refrigerant. This needs to stay the same if your AC is to operate effectively and efficiently.

Call Smart Systems today for excellent Poughkeepsie air conditioning maintenance services.

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