The Most Common Electrical Services We Offer

Electrical power is the basis of modern society, and our homes wouldn’t be very comfortable without quality electrical systems in place. In Carmel NY, electrical systems cover a wide array of eras. Our town predates the Revolution, with plenty of antique homes and wiring to match. Smart Systems serves Carmel with quality electrical services, including all manner of older wiring systems. Here are the most common electrical services we offer.

  • Installation. We possess the technical know-how and experience to handle full-bore electrical installation services. If you’re expanding your wiring to include a new room or add-on such as a garage, we can sync it to your existing system and ensure that it’s up to code. Or if you’re undergoing a large-scale remodeling and need significant parts of your wiring replaced, we can conduct the operation quickly and efficiently.
  • Repair. Of course, installation is nothing without periodic repair and maintenance services.  If one of your outlets goes on the fritz, if a breaker switch is worn out and needs repairing, or if you require an expert eye to hunt down the source of a flickering light, you can give us a call today.
  • Upgrades. With all the old homes in New York, we see a lot of upgrades to newer and more modern equipment. For example, we can replace older light sockets with newer up-to-date models that conform to 21st century codes. You may also notice that rooms in your home only have one or two electrical outlets (something common in homes where electrical appliances were less prevalent). We can expand and enhance your electrical system while maintaining the strictest standards of safety at all times.

Issues like these come par for the course in our area of the country. As an older community, our homes can feature all kinds of electrical systems, and offer an equal number of issues that need addressing, Smart Systems possesses a wide array of knowledge and expertise, delivering quality electrical service in Carmel NY and throughout the surrounding area. The most common electrical services we offer are only a part of our services. If you have an electrical problem, or just have some questions about the current state of your electrical system, give us a call today.

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