When to Call for a Plumber

At what point does trouble with your plumbing exceed the capabilities of your plunger? Although many homeowners like to fancy themselves “do-it-yourself” heroes, issues with plumbing should remain in the domain of professionals. The plumbing in your house performs too many important daily functions for you to risk repairs any more complicated than clearing out a simple clog with a plunger.

If you notice any of the problems below, summon the plumbers at Smart Systems. For a certified local plumber in Newburgh, NY, you can trust our services.

Drains backing up throughout the house: A single backed-up sink or slow drain usually indicates a clog; sometimes you can solve this with a standard plunger. However, if this occurs throughout your home, you may have a problem with the sewer line that runs out to the street. If you also notice sewer odors from you lawn and stains around the foundation and the basement, then get a plumber on the job in a hurry. You should not attempt sewer line repairs on your own.

Frozen pipes: The weather in New York often inflicts this trouble on water pipes. It presents a more serious threat than blocking up the water flow, however: because water takes up more volume in solid form than liquid form, freezing pipes will threaten to burst. Professional plumbers have experience dealing with this problem, and can also provide you preventive solutions so it won’t plague you next winter.

Pinhole leaks: The name “pinhole leaks” sounds innocuous enough. But these tiny leaks can be extremely destructive, and if you find one, if probably means many more have sprung up out of your sight. Pinhole leaks happen because of pitting corrosion that eats away at pipes, and unless repaired quickly, they will cause extensive damage to drywall, wood, and encourage the growth of mildew and mold.

Unfortunately, many homeowners assume that they can resolve the majority of their plumbing problems with a bottle of liquid drain cleaner and a plunger. The latter can handle simple troubles, but will fail at anything larger than a small clog. The former can cause more problems than it will solve. Don’t rely on liquid drain cleaners for any plumbing problems: they contain toxic fumes and may harm your pipes.

Trust most of your plumbing needs to a professional plumber. This way, you can avoid expensive mistakes that will lead to even bigger problems in your home’s plumbing. Professionals have the tools and experience to get any job done right the first time. When you want a plumber in Newburgh, NY to handle those leaks, frozen pipes, or backed-up sinks, call Smart Systems.

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