Why Is My Door So Hard to Close and Open?

In the classic 1963 movie The Haunting (and in its novel source, The Haunting of Hill House), one of the peculiar properties of the sprawling mansion is that its doors will not remain open. Blamed initially on “poor balancing,” the doors of Hill House always seem to shut by themselves, usually when no one is looking at them.

You might sometimes wonder if a supernatural entity has afflicted the doors in your home when you find it a struggle each time you have to open and close them. Calling in paranormal investigators isn’t the answer, however: you probably have a badly designed door and frame, or damage has caused misalignment. To fix the issue, you need a door replacement for your Newburgh home. Smart Systems can take care of your door replacement, and many other remodeling jobs as well.

Here are some reasons for “sticky” doors (aside from haunts):

  • Wood warping: An unfortunate effect of humidity or moisture in your home is the damage it does to wood. If you’ve recently experienced damage problems, the wood of your door may have become warped just enough that it no longer fits perfectly into the door frame.
  • Bad hinges: Check to see if the hinges of the door are coming loose from the wood, or if they have become bent or rusted. If the hinges start to fall out of place, the door will begin scraping the frame.
  • Latch trouble: The latch in the door might start to stick from age, or the springs in the handle could break. If the latch can no longer reach the frame, then it’s possible the cause is warping or damage, and you should consider door replacement.
  • Initial bad fit: If a door was sized poorly for its frame, you won’t have much choice but to get door replacement. Trying to sand off the edges or cut away parts of the door will likely result in an unpleasant-looking door.

Replacing a poorly-fitting door will benefit you another way: better sealing around its edges to prevent heat loss. For outside doors in particular, this can make a significant difference during the winter.

At Smart Systems, we offer a wide range of home services in Newburgh, NY beyond door replacements: window replacement, bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, basement refinishing, work on ceramic and granite tiles, and roofing and siding. Schedule an appointment with us today.

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