Why Is My Heating System Making That Noise?

You should expect a certain amount of noise from your heater. This is part and parcel of its normal operation, and it is an inevitable feature of any mechanical system. But if you find that your heater begins to make strange or particularly loud noise, then get in touch with your local heating technician. We can assess the state of your system to find what’s making that noise and offer a viable solution. There can be several different causes for a single noise, and diagnosing such issues can be difficult for the uninitiated. It’s critical that you have your heater fixed as soon as possible. Give Smart Systems a call today for all of your heating repair needs in Newburgh, NY.

Let’s take a look at what those strange sounds coming out of your heater might mean.

  • Banging. A banging sound is often caused by a collision between two objects, so a banging sound in your heater could mean that your ductwork is loose or that one of the fan blades has been damaged and now bangs against the housing of the air handler or the outdoor air unit.
  • Buzzing. This could indicate a serious electrical problem known as arcing. It is potentially hazardous and should be addressed immediately by a trained HVAC technician. Electrical problems should always be taken seriously as it could lead to health risks.
  • Grinding. If it sounds as though two objects are grinding together, then that’s probably the case. A grinding in your air handler could indicate dried out bearings, which results in increased friction within the blower motor. This is a major problem, so you should shut off your heater immediately to prevent further damage.
  • Hissing. A hissing sound results from an air or refrigerant leak. It could be in your ducts, air handler or even in your coils if you have a heat pump.

Keep in mind that sounds are notoriously subjective, and that your system needs to be diagnosed by a professional before a solution can be suggested. Call Smart Systems for excellent heating repair services in Newburgh, NY.

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