Why Won’t My Heating System Turn On?

Low air flow or reduced heat is one thing, but if you’re asking “why won’t my heating system turn on?” you may have a serious problem. When it comes to proper heating, Hyde Park NY doesn’t forgive any failures, especially in the cold winter months when the snows pile up outside. You need your system to function in order to maintain a comfortable household, and while you might be able to limp along with reduced air flow or lower heat (at least until a service technician can arrive), a heating system that won’t turn on at all leaves you at the mercy of the elements. The reasons for a shutdown of your heating system are numerous, but they usually stem from one or more faulty components.

Almost all heating systems rely on electricity in some form or another to run. Even in furnaces that run on gas or oil, electricity is used to start the pilot light and perform other essential functions. If electrical power is cut off due to frayed wiring or some similar problems with the power, then the heater won’t function.

Similarly, many internal components of your heater system – such as the blower motor, which controls the fan that sends warm air into your home – will automatically shut down if they become overloaded. This is to prevent further damage to the system, though it has the added effect of leaving the entire furnace inert until it gets fixed.

In addition, the thermocouple – which regulates the flow of gas into the heater – will shut off the flow of gas if it detects a problem with the pilot light, or if it suffers from a malfunction itself. This is to prevent the gas from leaking into your home: an important safety concern. Nonetheless the result is a non-functioning heating system and until a service technician can address the underlying issue, it means your heater won’t turn on.

If you find yourself asking “why won’t my heating system turn on?”, then call upon Smart Systems for help. We offer heating service to Hyde Park NY, and we dedicate ourselves to doing the job right the first time, every time.

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